Marvel at the Colors and Varieties of Orchids

Coatepec , Veracruz

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Dinesh Rao

The city of coffee is also the city of orchids. Not only because of the number of existing nurseries, but also because of the private gardens and the permanent display at Hidalgo Park, in the central pathway. Visiting the city's orchid gardens is a fascinating activity.

Begin your walk with a visit to the Orchid Garden Museum, just half a block from the San Jeronimo Parish Church. Stop and admire the building's simple facade before entering and discovering an amazing site with more than 5,000 species of this beautiful flowers, some of them so small that you will have to use a magnifying glass to see them. Admire the microclimate built in this garden. Be amazed by the lemon tree bearing bowling ball-sized fruit.

End this part of the tour with a visit to the Hidalgo Park Orchid Garden, which was donated by the founder of the Orchid Garden Museum. Taste some delicious ice cream from the kiosk as tradition dictates.

Continue the tour of orchid gardens by visiting the Coatepec Ashram, which is less than 15 minutes from downtown. Take a walk on its interpretive path and feel the freshness of the vegetation in your skin. Take a Tai Chi class and test your timing. After some physical activity, enjoy a vegetarian buffet that will revitalize you. Finish by visiting the orchid garden. It has been studied by different universities in Mexico, and it has an extensive variety of orchids.

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