Experience Adrenaline in Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda , Veracruz

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José Luis Ávila Herrera

Pump up your adrenaline with the variety of water sports that Costa Esmeralda offers, such as sport fishing, boating, scuba diving or water skiing. You can also try wakeboarding. The board will raise your heart rate when you're riding at full speed.

There is a sea bass sport fishing tournament in the middle of March that place on the banks of the Tecolutla River. 

There is a thrilling 11-mile route through jungle along the Filobobos River. You will be able to see beautiful waterfalls right where the sun meets the water, rewarding you with a magnificent rainbow as you walk through the area.

At the Cuajilote archaeological site, also known as Filobobos, look for almost hidden structures and explore the wildlife. Here, the vegetation jealously guards the remains of the ancient inhabitants' buildings. They have been preserved for generations.


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