Know the churches in Orizaba

Orizaba , Veracruz

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Sit on a wooden bench and feel the peace of the churches of Orizaba while the smell of incense invades your nose and contemplate the sacred art.
Visit the Temple of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, a vibrant construction with yellow and orange on its facade that invite you to enter its enclosure.
Also, know the Parrish of Santa Gertrudis, which has two nice chapels and a dome in brown as well as a spectacular entrance churrigueresque style that will take your breath away. Another visit not to be missed is the Cathedral of San Miguel Arcangel, one of the pride angels of the people from Orizaba. This was built by the Franciscan order in 1692, the year in which they arrived to the city, and has become one of its main attractions.


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