Fly with the balloons from Zozocolco de Hidalgo

Zozocolco de Hidalgo , Veracruz

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Flickr,Eneas de Troya

In November, beautiful balloons made with tissue paper adorn the sky of Zozocolco during its Balloon Festival, a contest that has become a village tradition.


During the festival, observe the variety of hand-made balloons, from the small ones that only elevate a couple of feet, to those giant ones that touch the sky of Veracruz during the event. Let the striking colors in the daring designs of the artists, with funny or enigmatic forms, make your imagination fly.


Take part in the workshops where balloon masters, who have kept the tradition alive over the years, share their knowledge and materials, teaching you how to create your own balloon and make it fly across the sky, taking your wishes beyond the clouds.

Be part of the transformation of the sky and give it some bright colors with your balloon. Come and let your creations fly, enjoy the moment while you take part in the history of the picturesque history of Zozocolco. Enjoy the celebrations, which continue well into the evening, so the balloons adorn the sunset and night skies.


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