Enter the Cerro de la Escamela Eco Park

Orizaba , Veracruz

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What better way to get out of the routine than to become one with nature in Cerro de la Escamela Eco Park, Nahuatl word meaning place of ants.
Stand in front of the kiosk in Venados Park, from which you can see the environment that surrounds you. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your skin. Take your kids to the playground and enjoy the fountain while you watch the sunset.

Look for a colony of ants following one towards its subterranean shelter. Watch the workers load the supplies that will feed the group. Imagine them moving inside the tunnels they have been building under the ground.

Follow the footsteps of the deer towards the top of Cerro de Escamela. Admire the landscape from a height of approximately 1,630 meters and imagine the small animals playing among the trees of the forest.

Finally, visit the Cave of the Black Vulture where some years ago marine fossils were found; or venture into the Cave of the Snails, an ancient space where the origins of our planet rest.


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