Enjoy the Traditional Food Offered by Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda , Veracruz

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Maria Valdez

Costa Esmeralda has delicious dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding palate with their exquisite ingredients from the sea.
Try the pickled fish, savor an octopus in its own ink with white rice, or order some shrimp empandas at any of the restaurants in the region. Sit in a small local fonda and enjoy the sea view while you order fried fish.
Among traditional regional dishes are chilpachole--spicy crab broth seasoned with pepper and epazote-- and a Veracruzana style fish, prepared with hot pepper, tomato sauce and olive oil. Or the peculiar tamal zacahuil, stuffed with pork meat 
Its unique heritage of European cuisine has influence in the preparation of an exquisite French bread cooked in a banana leaf that is flavored with shallots -a kind of garlic- rather than onions.
If you go to Tecolutla, be sure to remember to ask for the  guatape de camarón, a spicy broth mixed with corn masa. It is the pride of the region. While you wait for your meal, order a torito--fruit brandy-- which is aguardiente made from soursop, coconut, or peanuts. It will fill your mouth with the flavor of the coast.


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