Enjoy the Jamapa River Ravine

Coscomatepec de Bravo , Veracruz

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There is a small dirt road that branches out from the Coscomatepec-Huatusco road, which borders a cliff and leads to the Puente del Virrey, the Molino Antiguo and the Jamapa River Gorge.

From there, you can begin your tour admiring the ample vegetation and breathing in the peace and quiet of the surroundings. 
As you advance towards the bottom of the gorge, you can discover its cliffs and admire the different birds inhabiting the area on the tree canopies. Marvel at the flight of falcons, sparrow hawks and mockingbirds. Be captivated by the song of the goldfinches. Observe the grace of quail, magpies, owls and pigeons that will make your journey a fascinating experience.


Once in the city of Coscomatepec, ask the villagers for help contacting the local tour operators and tour the roads leading from Coscomatepec to Tetelzingo by bicycle. 


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