Enjoy the freshness of Apatláhuac

Coscomatepec de Bravo , Veracruz

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The Apatlahuac waterfall honors the meaning of its Nahuatl name, which means “where the water widens.” Located in the Atoyac basin, this waterfall is fed by streams from the Atoyac River.

Upon your arrival to the waterfall, make sure to feel the soft vegetation under your feet, inviting you to rest. Contemplate the majesty of Citlaltepetl or Pico de Orizaba visible in the distance, like a jealous guardian of this site.

Immerse yourself in the peace and harmony of this place as you walk toward the waterfall, breathe life and soak in the breeze of this wonderful veil falling high above.

Finish your experience with the pleasant sensation of the fresh waters falling on your skin. Dip your feet and rest on the rocks, polished smooth by the water. 


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