Cultural walk through the Historic Center

Zozocolco de Hidalgo , Veracruz

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The marvelous Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) of Zozocolco de Hidalgo is a welcoming place, known for its original constructions, proper of the region. It is adorned with many cobbled paths you must walk while shopping some street handcrafts with the local merchants.   


Start with a walk through the historic center, where you will find a small, well conserved church dedicated to Saint Michael Archangel. Admire the different styles of the two towers; one of them calls to mass with a ringing bell and the other marks the hour with its centenary clock that adjusts to the actual time.

After, stop by one of the many rustic inns and enjoy locally made mole with rice or delicious barbecue taquitos served with freshly prepared molcajete sauce. With lunch, enjoy aguas frescas, a traditional Mexican beverage served in many restaurants. Let the delicious aromas remember you to old Mexican homes.


Throughout the town, visit stands filled with native masks, baskets, fruit baskets and embroidery. Some local merchants also sell traditional headdresses made from brightly colored feathers, usually worn for mestizo celebrations in the town. Stroll through the wooden furniture workshops, where you can see the artisans carefully carving the wood, leaving part of their hearts on every piece they make.

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