Attend the visit of the dead in Zozocolco

Zozocolco de Hidalgo , Veracruz

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One of the most splendid traditions of Mexico is Day of the Dead, and Zozocolco is famous for its unequalled celebrations of the holiday, with flowers, candles and beautiful offerings for those beloved ones who have left us to the other life.


Join the calaveritas contest and show off your writing talents. Visit the various exhibits where writers share brief poems, both mocking and revering death, while they also pay homage to their departed love ones with beautifully decorated altars, proving with this their mental agility and grace, so characteristics of Mexicans, who happily mock at the death during several days due to the yearly celebration.


Discover the Huasteca influence on the Huapangueada contests. You can hear joyoful songs performed by experienced musicians that train for day and night until achieving the perfect performance. Sit down and watch the beautiful costumes worn by the dancers that encourage the crowd through shouts and chants to clap and whistle through the performances. 


Listen to the totonaco language’s cadence, since it is still spoken by most of the inhabitants of the region. Sit down, have a coffee with them and learn how to count to five in the local language: tum, tuy, tutu, tati, quitzis. Learn something new everyday from these exceptional folks.


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