Admire the plants at the Francisco Clavijero Botanical Garden

Xalapa , Veracruz

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Vicky Ponce

The Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanical Garden was opened in 1977. Since its founding, its vision has been to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of botanical species. For years, it has been a national point of interest and one of the best gardens of Mexico. On an international level, it maintains collaborative ties with more than sixty gardens.

Review the program of activities. You will be able to participate in a variety of activities with your family, such as workshops, scientific camps, thematic tours, cinema cycles and certificate courses. 

When you arrive, take a walk through the 94 acres of gardens and coffee plantations as well as other botanical exhibitions. Admire how carnivorous and insect-eating plants have been able to modify their leaves to become lethal weapons for insects and other preys.

In order to safeguard the regional flora and make sure they are preserved, the garden maintains a scientific collection of living plants, so that visitors can learn about the area’s biological diversity. 

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