Visit the El Lencero Exhacienda

Xalapa , Veracruz

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José Francisco del Valle


El Lencero Exhacienda has more than five centuries of history. It is located in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, close to the capital of Xalapa. It has a myriad of stories and an important cultural legacy.

The museum is named after Juan Lencero, one of Hernan Cortes' soldiers and first owner of this hacienda.

Begin your visit by touring the majestic ficus tree that is more than five centuries old. Walk through the large gardens and find The House of the Nuns, a place where the Teresitas mothers lived. These women taught religion to the children of the families near the hacienda.

Learn about the story of love and power of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana who acquired this property to make it his headquarters, his home, and his rest area. Find out how Ignacio Comonfort invaded this property in 1856, stripping Santa Ana of the place. By 1981, the property was sold to Lourdes Ortiz Monasterio.

Gaze at El Lencero Exhacienda, a place where people like the viceroy Don Jose de Iturrigaray spent the night. Several famous women writers also lived here, like Gabriela Mistral, Rosario Castellanos and Emma Godoy. 

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