The time of pulque in Tlaxco / Pulque-producing Hacienda

Taxco , Guerrero

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Time is relative in the region of Tlaxco during the time of region boom; numerous pulque-producing haciendas were installed and established the European agricultural system which has varied little through the years.


Cross the maguey fields or tree of wonders, accompanied by the tlachiqueros who extract the sweet elixir kept in the heart of the magueyes. Know the capado techniques of the plant and extraction of the mixiote learned by the locals from their predecessors more than twenty centuries ago. Try a sip of mead that has been medicine and food for the body and soul of the locals for centuries. 


Once inside the old buildings of the hacienda hulls, walk through the tinacales and learn of the fermentation process and, of course, enjoy a good tasting of this beverage of the gods accompanied by some good tlacoyos, a meat wrapped in mixiote, with a few chinicuiles or maguey red worms, a cactus salad and, for dessert, some Santero mushrooms.
Admire the persistence of customs and that powerful will to remain irresistible to the processes of time.

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