Regional Museum of Tlaxcala

Tlaxcala , Tlaxcala

The Regional Museum, inaugurated in 1985, was an important convent built in the XVI century. Mural paintings, used to educate the indigenous in Catholicism, are now a part of its treasures. Formerly the Santa Fe Hospital, converted today into a beautiful library, the Library Doctor Angulo holds a collection of 13 thousand volumes, mainly on local archeology, history and anthropology.

Some people think of a museum as something that only preserves the past. However, the lively culture is, without a doubt, something important that should also be preserved. The ways that you dress the people (including the materials and how they use them), their beliefs, the way in which they are expressed and transmitted, or the stories that Tlaxcaltecans have obtained through oral traditions, constitute only a portion of the Living Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

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