Meet Huamantla, a Historic and Bullfight Enthusiast City

Huamantla , Tlaxcala

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This ancient city of Otomi warriors is located on the slopes of the Malintzin volcano and is surrounded by wild bulls breeding ranches. The city is home to many historic battles and you can learn more by visiting the exhibitions at the City Museum.


Explore the Municipal Palace that was built in 1934. To build the town of Huamatla, 19 Otomi representatives set off for Spain to ask Charles V directly for permission to establish an independent town, Señorio de Tizatlan. Once it gained recognition, they built churches and squares that you can still visit today.


Visit the Convent of San Luis Obispo in its Baroque style, or the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, the patroness of the city whose atrium and surrounding streets are uniquely decorated year after year with colored sawdust rugs of flowers. 


Take a trip to the Puppet Museum, which was founded by the Rosete Aranda family who were famous 19th century puppeteers. You’ll find traditional Mexican puppets including more than five hundred pieces from around the world, as well as workshops for children's activities.


A town renowned for its bullfighting, Huamantla welcomes you with a majestic monument of the fighting bull. Experience the Bullfighting Museum or the Fernando de Los Reyes "El Callao" Bullfighting School, where you can practice alongside apprentices who are starting out in this art. Visit the nearby ranches to see how they train and breed the bulls. 

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