Fill yourself with color at the Huamantla Fair

Huamantla , Tlaxcala

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Year after year, the city of Huamantla celebrates its main festival in August.

The festival begins on July 31 with the preparation of the first flower carpet in the atrium of the basilica, and lasts until August 15.

The last night is known as The Night That No One Sleeps. From nightfall until the beginning of the first mass the next day, in honor of the Virgin of La Caridad, people cover the atrium and the streets near the church with carpets of colored sawdust, glitter and flowers. These ephemeral works of art are created by local artisans and offer a unique and unparalleled visual experience. There are more than 30 rugs that cover 1,300 square feet of the village floor will make your visit a true delight.

At dawn, the effigy of the Virgin leaves in procession, accompanied by priests, nuns and volunteers, close off the streets so that nobody steps on the carpets until the Virgin has passed. Along the way, people throw colorful fireworks accompanied by mariachi.


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