Splash of adventure and excitement at the La Cantera Aquatic Park and the Rancho Campestre Waterfalls

Tula , Tamaulipas

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La Cantera Tula


Remember the time when you were a child and now feel the excitement of going to a spa. Put on your swimsuit, run and jump to the pools that the "La Cantera" Water Park offers you. Venture down its slides and camp in its green areas.
Enjoy the beautiful aquatic park that is built inside a crater lined with quarry stone, surrounded by the majesty of living nature. Live the day in an extraordinary climate and the benefits of thermal water up to 56°C (133°F). Find a space to have fun, relax and spend an unforgettable moment with your family and/or friends.


Go to Rancho Campestre Waterfalls. Feel how the fresh and crystal clear water is falling on your shoulders while doing you a delicious massage.
Marvel at the spring water coming from the forests of ahuehuetes and giant sabinos; the glens with microclimates, which represent perfect spaces to enjoy extreme sports.


Enjoy the extensive green areas with family and friends. You can practice guided or free trekking. Ask for a ride on horseback and go to explore the surroundings while you breathe the fresh air or if you prefer to fly with emotion, take advantage of the zip line the place offers you with more than 1,800 meters long and 100 meters high. If you do not want to leave, stay in any of the 2 pretty rustic cabins there, made of high-resistance stone, having a room, a dining room, a pool table and a terrace with a great view. Everything you need for a great weekend in Tula. 


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