Enjoy the Metropolitan Cultural Space

Tampico , Tamaulipas

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The Metropolitan Cultural Space, also known as El Metro, dominates the landscape on the shores of Laguna del Carpintero. It has a contemporary look with walls made of granite, steel, aluminum and glass.

Immerse yourself in the history of the region at the Museo de la Cultura Huasteca. It is one of the main attractions of El Metro. There are relics of the ancient nomadic people who used to live in Tamaulipas, and you can discover how those ancestors used crude oil, centuries before the petrochemical industry.

Enjoy the show at the Metropolitan Theater, where you can appreciate performing arts, or at the Experimental Theater, a fun place with a constantly changing exhibition area that provides a wide range of cultural activities.

Visit the Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions. You can participate in one of the dance or theater workshops that El Metro offers. 


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