Free Turtles at Playa Miramar

Tampico , Tamaulipas

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Carlos Sánchez

Be part of something wonderful. In Playa Miramar, the pride of Ciudad Madero, great things happen. Once a year, dozens of Olive Ridley turtles visit the coast next to Tampico to deposit their eggs. Soon after this event, small turtles emerge from their eggshells and make their way towards the sea. 

Enjoy the many wonders that this beach offers. It is known as the most beautiful beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Take the opportunity to visit the turtle camps and protected areas that have been established here to work for the survival of the protected species. When you are here, take the time to learn about the smallest sea turtles and the efforts being made to take care of it.

Join the efforts with hundreds of volunteers, government institutions and community groups that are working together to preserve this natural sanctuary and the Olive Ridley turtle. Participate in some of the programs they offer, and enjoy an unparalleled experience.


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