Explore the Las Flores Pyramid and Soak up the Huasteca Magic

Tampico , Tamaulipas

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Ricardo Llama Loza

Become an archaeologist and unveil the mysteries that the ancient Huastecos left behind in the Las Flores Pyramid. It is conveniently located in the heart of Tampico on the edge of the Chairel Lagoon cove. It is not far from the historic center of the city.

Explore the Cue de Las Flores, another name for the pyramids in Tampico, whose particular style is very different from the one normally found along the Gulf of Mexico coast. Marvel at the ceramic objects that tell the history and link the northeast territory with the central plateau. Be sure to check out the sculpture of the deity to whom this temple is dedicated.

Admire the more than ninety-foot tall circular monument, and marvel at its interior filled with mortar and shells. It was built in honor of Teem, the goddess of fertility. The goddess was worshiped in order to procure an abundance of flowers, which are representative of the Huasteca tradition. 



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