Enjoy the Laguna del Carpintero

Tampico , Tamaulipas

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You can experience nature in the middle of the city, right in the heart of Tampico. The Laguna del Carpintero promises unforgettable experiences.

Your first stop is the Metropolitan Park, a few blocks from the House of Culture. It is surrounded by green spaces and places dedicated to relaxation. There are paths with a view of the lagoon and boats for rent. 

Enjoy seeing crocodiles, turtles, herons, ducks and many other species. Visit the fish farms or enjoy some time fishing. Immortalize your experience by photographing the mangroves and discover why Steve Irwin, the crocodile charmer, said "This lagoon is a model for the rest of the world on how we, humans, can live in close harmony with large wild animals."

Be sure to clean up your trash and respect the animals and plants living in this natural paradise.

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