Walk through Malinalco

Malinalco , State of México

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Malinalco, Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town), is enclaved among mountains, glens and boulders.

Wander through the narrow paved streets of Malinalco and fall in love with the exquisite red tile houses with old wooden doors and topped with bougainvillea. Hidden in between the flowers and houses, visitors can find art galleries, small cafes and beautiful wooden sculptures made by local artisans.

Visit the Divino Salvador Church and enter through the huge barrel vault to explore its side chapels, enlightened by soft sunrays. Continue on to Ex Convento Agustino, where you can admire frescoes with mestizo images and floral designs that appear to be taken straight out of a fantasy world.

While in Malinalco, indulge in succulent local dishes, including the famous Dona Vicky's stall, where you can taste cecina and chorizo tacos, nopal strips, three chilli sauce, accompanied by a glass of pulque.

After eating, walk to the market and wander through the romeria, where you can admire the colorful flower, pink guavas, blue mushrooms and radishes. Smell the fragrances of its many liquors.

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