Visit the archaeological zone of Malinalco

Malinalco , State of México

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Malinalco is a Nahuatl word meaning “place of crooked grass,” and it is a unique town surrounded by mountains and filled with archaeological treasures.

Visit the hill of idols and the ceremonial center called Casa de las Aguilas y Jaguares, where the warrior Orders of the Eagle Knights and Jaguar Knights (known as the most ferocious men in the mexica world) celebrated their designations. It takes more than 400 steps to reach the top of the hill. Be surprised by the entrance door, resembling a snake’s enormous open mouth with huge jaws extending its tongue as a carpet, welcoming you.

Ask for a guide to tell you more about the history of this sacred area, or visit the Doctor Mario Schneider Museum, which has five permanent expositions, a botanical garden and a nice trout aquarium.

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