Vibrate with music in the Gruta de la Estrella

Ixtapan de la Sal , State of México

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The grots of La Estrella have become a multi-faceted space where rappelling and cave exploration intersect with the opportunity to listen to live concerts in the cave.

Descend along the four hundred steps of the extraordinary rock formation and enjoy the view of stalactites and stalagmites welcoming you. The play of lights and shadows dilates your pupils. Let your eyes adjust and enjoy the capricious rock shapes formed by water over thousands of years. 

Add to your experience a concert inside the grots of La Estrella. Sit and enjoy the live sound of a big-band group, a jazz band or a symphony orchestra. Feel how the melodic sounds coming from the water droplets as they strike the rock formations become one with the vibration of bass and guitar strings. Dance and sing to the rhythm of nature. Commune with one of the most beautiful expressions of the human being: music. 


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