Tour the Pre-Hispanic Street Market in Metepec

Metepec , State of México

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Metepec still strongly preserves its pre-Hispanic root in its traditional street markets that have transcended in time.

Get in the street market on Mondays and get to know about the life in this wonderful town. Head to the stands and talk to their people, they sure have a wonderful story to tell you.
Inside the bustle admire the colors and flavors of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Learn about barter and, if you bring something of value to a trader, interchange yours for his or hers so that both win.

After that, venture into the gastronomic area and enjoy a journey through the history of the town through its flavors. Choose from a paw of beef, some charal tamales that have a unique flavor, hand-made quesadillas or other hundred sweet and salty alternatives. Accompany the banquet with a curadito de pulque or a garañona that, it is said, has aphrodisiac powers.


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