Stroll through the Zacango Zoo

Metepec , State of México

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Zacango is a natural protected area where animals from all over the world live, walk and live together.

Prepare your most comfortable shoes and venture on a safari trip to know more than one hundred and fifty species of wild animals in freedom. Get on the train to cross the zoo accompanied by a guide. Admire the gorillas closely or listen to the imposing roaring sounds of an African lion. Let the nice giraffes come to you and eat from your hand. Be fascinated by the most poisonous snakes in the world.

At the end of the tour at the zoo, take a rowboat and travel along the artificial lake in the park. Relax with the gentle movement of the boat and with the impulse of the oars cross the lake while you feed the ducks. Go to the panoramic lookout and enjoy the beautiful view of the town of Metepec and its surroundings.

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