Seeks healing with the teachers of “Temazcal” de San Juan Teotihuacán

San Juan Teotihuacán y San Martín de las Pirámides , State of México

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Teotihuacán is a place full of mysticism. The pyramids of the Sun and Moon are preferred by travelers to charge of energy during the spring equinox. In addition, it has a large number of ceremonial and healing centers to enjoy during any time of year. When you go to Teotihuacán approach the shamans of the town and let yourself be guided in a temazcal healing ceremony. The shaman will explain the process: the adobe vault where the temazcal takes place represents the womb of our mother, the place where we are protected and receive life. Before getting inside allow to satiate you and putting you away the bad energy passing through your body some herbal medicine. Drink plenty of water and indulge in the experience. Inside the vault, sit back and relax while the masters fill the water well with the hot stones until the space is covered by a steam that invades everything. Inhale and let your lungs fill up while your body receives the benefits. Enjoy the experience of exquisite aromas, warmth and songs that will renew your body and your soul.

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