Know Metepec: A journey through the land of clay

Metepec , State of México

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Metepec is a "Magical Town" that is dedicated mainly to the pottery and that is located in an authentic chest of architectural and gastronomic treasures.

Ascend by the hill of the Magueyes, by a road of steep stairs that meander until reaching the summit. From the heights enjoy its impressive wall of mosaics and a complete panorama of the city. Visit the Church of Calvary and see its facade saturated with beautiful details carved in stone, a sample of the talent that the masters of Metepec have shown for hundreds of years.

The life of Metepec is felt downtown, takes a tour on the tourist streetcar to have a general panorama of the city. Walk through its park, approach the dancing fountains and relax listening to the sound of the water while enjoying a delicious sorbet. Cross the bridge that goes from one side to the other of the square and if you go with your partner do not miss the opportunity to place in the bars a padlock with your initials to ensure an eternal love.


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