Get Lost in Forests Filled with Black and Orange

Valle de Bravo , State of México

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Each October, the forests of Michoacan and the State of Mexico get ready to receive millions of monarch butterflies migrating from the United States and Canada.
These colorful insects, which are not fragile at all, travel about 3,000 miles to settle on sacred Mexican fir trees in the Piedra Herrada Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Valle de Bravo, on the road leading to Los Saucos.

I takes about a 25-40 minute walk through the forest to reach the sanctuary, where the butterflies congregate. If it is cloudy, they will stay together on the tree branches, but if it is a sunny day, you will see hundreds of them flying around the trees.

If you prefer to arrive on horseback, you can do so with a guide. Keep in mind that you will have to do the last leg on foot, since it is too steep for the horses.

The privilege of witnessing this wonderful phenomenon entails respecting the natural environment, thereby ensuring tranquility of the butterflies. There are only a few simple rules to abide by. Do not collect the flora and fauna, stay on the marked tour paths, maintain silence in the heart of the sanctuary and do not litter.

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