Fly in a balloon above the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon

San Juan Teotihuacán y San Martín de las Pirámides , State of México

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Globos aerostaticos

Live the experience of knowing the fascinating archaeological zone of Teotihuacan flying in hot air balloon.


Hire the trip with one of the companies specialized in hot air balloon flights in the area of Teotihuacan. Get ready for the tour with a tasty and light breakfast. The excitement overflows as they prepare the balloon for the takeoff. When the colorful cloth stretches as the burners a lighted on, climb to the basket and feel your heartbeats going stronger. When the balloon separates from the floor, the immense landscape opens before your eyes. The Road of the Dead looks like a carpet and the two perfect giants salute you: The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.


When you finish the balloon ride, reward your bravery with a God worth breakfast. Go to the market and taste traditional chicken mixiotes with nopales, accompany them with hot handmade tortillas. If the adrenaline of the trip asks for more, have some quesadillas of blue corn with chapulines, tamales or tortas with escamoles (edible ant’s larvae) served with guacamole and rice.

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