Discover a village carved in quarry stone

Aculco , State of México

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Aculco, Pueblo Magico, is a small village gifted with immense natural beauties, and a great history. It’s a village of Otomí heritage, with much to share.
Upon arrival, downtown Aculco will amaze you with its beauty and picturesque charm. Walk along its cobbled streets, lined with buildings supported by quarry columns that will transport you to another time. Visit the central garden and walk its alleys. Get to know the Convent of San Jerónimo and marvel at its extraordinary architecture and the beautiful paintings from the New Spanish period that decorate the sacristy. In the atrium, admire the clock mounted atop a quarry tower, a witness to the history of this village for more than 100 years.
The gastronomy of Aculco is another treasure worth enjoying. Go to the village market to eat a plate of mole poblano or barbecue. Buy traditional artisanal bread. Look closely at the cheese-making process, Aculco’s great treasure. Taste Oaxaca and manchego cheeses with their combinations of garlic and spices. Butter and milk candy are also a required indulgence.


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