An extreme ascent in the Tixhiñu Waterfall

Aculco , State of México

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The Tixhiñu waterfall in Aculco is a favorite for extreme sports, such as rappelling and climbing; its fissures and cracks are an invitation to unleash your adrenaline. 

Upon arrival at the recreational park, you will witness the impressive series of clear waterfalls from various points. Ask the locals for help to guide you to the lower part. 
Get ready for a drop of more than eighty feet in which you will have to navigate the brush, get around the huge stones and then take off your shoes to cross a mighty river. After a long walk, you will see why it all was worth it: the Tixhiñu Waterfall lies before you in all its imposing beauty. Don’t resist a dive into the cold water to relieve your exhaustion. Stay to camp and discover why the moon of Aculco shines like no other. 
Follow the signs along the trail, enjoy the ascents and descents along a twisting path suitable only for brave spirits. On the way you will find Otomí children and women collecting firewood in their colorful clothes; it will make for a postcard worthy photo. Get to the climbing area, affix your rope and carabineer and get ready for a rugged climb. Fight with your hands, fingers and feet until you overcome gravity. Live the experience of conquest and enjoy the gifts of the landscape unfolding beneath your feet.

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