A village with a viceregal charm

Tepotzotlán , State of México

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Walk through the quiet streets of Tepotzotlán and discover the wonderful architectural treasures that this picturesque village has for you. Get to the central garden and have a delicious lemon ice cream or a roasted chili corn. In the afternoon, enjoy the street artists’ shows performing in the kiosk. Immortalize the moment by taking the official photo with the traditional Adelita or revolutionary costume with mustaches and bandoliers. In the evening, go back to the kiosk to take the legends tour through the village.


Visit the Handicrafts Square and enjoy a shopping afternoon. Take home a sculpture of ocotal or wood while you admire the embossing work and the beautiful embroideries that the Otomi women make. Eat some delicious mushrooms or pumpkin flower quesadillas and have a jarrito with tequila, pineapple and piquin pepper. 

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