A Sanctuary of art and butterflies in Toluca

Toluca , State of México

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The forests of Mexico are true wonders where you can find a great amount of flora and fauna. The monarch butterflies have chosen to travel thousands of kilometers to the forests of the State of Mexico and the El Capulin Sanctuary is an option to coexist with them. 

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, El Capulin, and live a unique experience walking among the thousands of monarch butterflies hibernating, growing and reproducing among the oyamel trees. You can take the walk with a guide who will explain to you everything you need to explore them. As you walk through the forest, you will see hundreds of them flitting around or forming huge orange and yellow cones on the treetops. You will be touched to know that they fly more than 4,000 kilometers to get there.

Finish your up journey through the sanctuary with a delicious meal; there you will find places assigned to try regional antojitos and purchase beautiful crafts of the Mazahua community. Take home a loaf of pulque, a liquor of blackberry or capulin or the famous Prodigiosa remedy, a herbal compound for health.

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