A Culinary Journey Through Malinalco

Malinalco , State of México

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Malinalco offers visitors the chance to experience a wide range of mestizo and pre-Hispanic traditions, and it is renowned for its local gastronomy.

Taste this Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) typical breath. Visit one of its traditional bakeries and learn first-hand about baking bread from scratch, including the famous, local kneading method or the baking in clay ovens with ocote pinewood.

Try the corns, made in the central garden or go to Juarez Street and try cecina tacos with double blue tortilla with nopal, fries, guacamole or salsa made in mortar as garrison. For dessert, taste a black sapota or soursop sorbet. 

If you’re looking for something unique, try the iguana soup or frog tamales. After Juarez Street, visit the Ma-Li wine-cellar and try the exquisite fondue with traditional bread. 

While Malinalco is known for its food, one of its most famous dishes is Malinalco style trout, which is stuffed with tomato, wormseed, chili and butter. Locals recommend getting it with a pineapple appetizer prepared with tequila or mezcal.

Finish your culinary journey in the market, where you can try fresh, sweet plums, mangoes or sweet nance fruits, pickled or in mezcal.


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