Walk along the Monumental Square of Magdalena de Kino

Magdalena de Kino , Sonora

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Discover the mysteries of the Magic Town that was founded by Father Kino, a famous Jesuit explorer and founder of viticulture and wine production in America.


Search for the treasures in Magdalena de Kino, produced by the magic generated when the Society of Jesus arrived to the lands of god L’itoi, older brother of the old inhabitants of these lands. Travel in time while seeing the temples and monuments throughout the streets of this Viceregal town. 

Start your tour at the Historic Center, and explore Monument Square. Enjoy of the calm murmur of the fountain while strolling along the esplanade and its beautiful gardens. From here, visit the crypt of Father Kino and admire the mural on the ceiling over the tomb, which tells stories of his work.

Continue through the streets surrounding the square, whose arches give some shadow to walkers. Admire New Spanish houses where you will find stores that offer everything form religious articles to a variety of artisanal crafts and other regional marvels.


While in Magdalena de Kino, head to the Temple of Santa María Magdalena, in the heart of the village. This sanctuary is housed in what used to be the mission the city was named after, and it is still an active religious center hosting local festivals. 

Also, do not miss the Chapel of San Francisco Javier, the church of the old convent. The chapel houses a saint statue that, some say, you can only lift if you have faith.

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