Tour the town Magdalena de Kino

Magdalena de Kino , Sonora

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Magdalena de Kino is home to many exciting legends and traditions.

Stroll through the beautiful streets that form the historic center of Magdalena de Kino, walk through its corners and see why it was named a Magic Town. Walk through the place and feel the history of this beautiful place.

After strolling through the historic center, visit the Minister of War’s House, which stands out among the colorful and cheerful streets found throughout Magdalena de Kino. While there, look for General Carlos Plank, the former owner of the house who, according to the neighbors, still haunts the home from time to time.

Continuing your tour of the town, visit the mansion of Colonel Emilio Kosterlinsky, an amazing house built  in New Hispanic style but covered in a vibrant pink paint that has made it famous. Keep going until you find the House of Miguel Latz, in front of Monument Square, to ensure you see all the major architectural sites in the town.


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