Soak up Culture at the Sonoran Museum of Indigenous and Popular Cultures

Hermosillo , Sonora

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The northern desert is a land of ancient gods and inherited towns.
Treat yourself to a dreamy afternoon in the City of the Sun and visit the Sonoran Museum of Indigenous and Popular Cultures. Admire the beautiful façade of the Porfirian mansion, the former residence of the opulent Dr. Hoeffer. Attend one of the exhibitions and explore the history of the communities that still preserve the memories and traditions of these lands.
Stroll through corridors that are decorated with murals by the talented Ethel Cooke. They tell stories about the first peoples of our northern desert.
Visit the six rooms guarded by the splendid round point arches that surround the central patio. Learn about the important work done in this beautiful house, which has hosted and shared documents and research spaces, all focused on the history and way of life of the local indigenous groups

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