Get yourself to a feast in Ciudad Obregón

Obregón , Sonora

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Sonora's extensive range of regional dishes promises a flavorful adventure. 

Discover the traditional state dishes, try the classic roasts, indulge in machaca or juicy cuts of meat, and discover why Sonoran livestock is so widely known. Indulge in some quesadillas, a burrito or other countless wonders prepared with exquisite wheat flour tortillas: huge, white and warm, delicious when served with almost anything.

Thanks to its convenient location near agricultural villages, the sierra and the Gulf of California, Ciudad Obregón offer a rich culinary culture with sea, sky and land stews.
Explore the local cuisines and try the wakabaki, a delicious broth of Yaqui heritage prepared with chickpeas, beef ribs, squash, corn and other vegetables grown in the surrounding fields.

Pair your feast with a glass of Bacanora, a tasty regional brandy with fine flavors that take over your mouth in an explosion of warmth. Delight your palate with mezcal; made from the Agustifolia Haw agave, a beverage exclusive to the region that with each sip, fills your throat with the splendid Northern desert heat.

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