Be Delighted by the Taste of Sonora

Hermosillo , Sonora

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Wake up your senses with the flavors waiting for you in Hermosillo. Delight your palate with a variety of dishes prepared with the most succulent meat and exquisite fresh cheeses, cream, butter, and other delicacies that the strong local ranching industry produces. Enjoy a feast based on the fish and fresh seafood that reach the expert hands of local chefs from the nearby shores of the Sea of Cortez

Savor an appetizing caldo largo, a tasty fish stew cooked with fresh vegetables that blends harmoniously with the flavors of the earth. Try the flour tortillas, huge and warm, perfect for burritos, quesadillas, and many other traditional dishes.

Do not forget to try the coyotas, a regional kind of bun and the jewel of Sonora. This culinary wonder consists of a delicious crunchy wheat bun stuffed with piloncillo.


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