Attend Tetabiakte Art and Culture Festival

Obregón , Sonora

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Proyecto Puente Alfonso Lopez Perez

Dive into an exquisite cultural frenzy and live an unforgettable week at the Tetabiakte Art and Culture Festival that takes over Ciudad Obregón every November, when the approaching winter cools the air and celebrations for the anniversary of the old Cajeme get underway. Don’t miss out on this unique party, where you can enjoy a variety of shows and activities, all incredibly entertaining.

Become intoxicated with the music showcased by the talented artists on stage; feel the notes of a saxophone infuse into your veins, or dance to the rhythm of drums at a vibrant reggae concert. Attend incredible dance performances, plays, acrobatics and other performing arts that invade the stage set up in Álvaro Obregón Square.

Tour venues hosting the festival, and take in their local and national talent shows. Be entranced by spectacular pieces of art, enjoy poetry readings and discover the local literature in book presentations. Stroll along the cultural corridor dedicated to the wonderful Yaqui people, who have inhabited these lands since ancient times. Along the way, enjoy the succulent local delicacies, pick up beautiful crafts, and soak up the magic and tradition.
The event changes every year, so make sure to check the current listings posted online.

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