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Mocorito , Sinaloa

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Visiting Mocorito is a privilege of magic, tradition, colonial architecture, delicious gastronomy and open people.


Start your tour visiting Plazuela Miguel Hidalgo where you will find beautiful gardens and a nice central kiosk. In the surroundings you will be able to know the Cultural Center Dr. Jose Ley Dominguez, the City hall with its famous mural Granito de Oro that narrates the life of the local hero Rafael Bulena, and the house of the culture where you will be able to learn about the history and culture of the municipality.
Enjoy the architectural heritage of the historic center where there are more than eighty mansions and monuments that have a special meaning; the main architectural piece is the Church of Mocorito, built in honor of Virgen de la Purisima Concepcion, which in its origins was a simple adobe chapel and later remodeled until its conclusion in the seventeenth century; in its interior you will find 14 engravings from the sixteenth century and other paintings of great beauty.


Know the myths, legends and fantastic stories that the population of Mocorito has told and will tell from generation to generation, about souls in pain and about animals that become men or vice versa. Among the old alleyways you will feel that it is not difficult to imagine the veracity of the legends that speak of ladies in white who walk without touching the ground or damsels who die of love waiting for the arrival of their lover.


Try a delicious chilorio taco, stewed shredded pork with pasilla chili and countryside secrets, created in Mocorito.

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