The natural surroundings and the Culichi joy in the beaches of Culiacán

Culiacán , Sinaloa

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In Culiacan, the smiles are sincere and the people faces transmit a special cordiality, which is difficult to find elsewhere. 


Visit the coast of Culiacán, which facing the Sea of Cortez, offers beautiful beaches, peninsulas, islands, islets, bays, lagoons and estuaries, magnificent natural environments that will be a stage for you to practice skiing, sailing, parachuting, surfing or make an exceptional dive trip to marvel at the variety of marine life attracted by the large number of crustaceans covering these coasts, such as the huge schools of tuna fish. Explore the beaches of Conchal, Medano Blanco, Vigia, Tambor beach or Arenitas, where you can hire guides and equipment to go sailing on a deep-sea fishing trip or to enjoy the sight of stingrays, turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales, native of these waters. 


Enjoy a good ride on the beach or a trip by canoe or propeller boat, by the marshes, while watching herons, cormorants, Canadian black geese, the booby bird or the intrepid osprey. 


Share your experience with the people of the small fishing villages. Prepare the boats and repair the nets, share experiences and adventures that these sea lions have acquired for years. Learn to fry a mojarra or smoke a mullet in the most traditional way, and what about learning the recipe to prepare a delicious pescado zarandeado (shaken fish) a local delight.


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