Fall in Love with a Viceregal House, the Valle del Fuerte Regional Museum

Los Mochis , Sinaloa

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The city of Los Mochis has an interesting history, which has been achieved thanks to generations of indigenous, European, Chinese, Japanese and Israeli people.

One of the founding settlers of Los Mochis, William Chapman, owned a large residence that is currently the Valle del Fuerte Regional Museum. Here you will find pre-Columbian pieces from the region, and an extensive historical heritage will allow you to learn about the origins of a mestizo city that continues to grow. 

The place was built in the original shell of its first alignment. It has six rooms with a wide collection of educational, social, and authentic materials from the region. It also has a very interesting collection which delicately describes the Yoreme-Mayo culture in a way that helps you to imagine how they developed in the area and understand a little more about their vast history.
You can enjoy a temporary exhibition, artistic workshops, or other activities that feed the soul and magnify the spirit. Do not miss an opportunity to participate in any of them.

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