Enjoy the Coast of Culiacan

Culiacán , Sinaloa

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Visit the coast of Culiacan, facing the Sea of Cortes, offering beautiful beaches, peninsulas, islands, islets, bays, lagoons and estuaries.

Magnificent natural environments will serve as a stage for you to try skiing, sailing, skydiving or surfing, or to take an exceptional diving trip to admire the marine life attracted by the large number of crustaceans covering these coasts, such as the huge schools of tuna fish.

Discover the beaches of El Conchal, Medano Blanco, Vigia, Tambor or Arenitas, where you can hire tour guides and a team to go on a deep sea-fishing trip or enjoy the sight of stingrays, turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales.

Then, enjoy a horse ride along the beach and a trip by canoe or propeller boat through the marshes to watch herons, cormorants, Canadian brines, booby birds or the intrepid osprey. 

Partake in your experiences alongside the villagers of the small fishing villages as they prepare their boats and arrange their nets. Learn to fry a mojarra or smoke a mullet fish, and learn the recipe for preparing a delicious pescado zarandeado, the local specialty.


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