El Rosario, mining splendor and legends

Rosarito , Baja California

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Legend says herdsman Bonifacio Rojas was searching for one of his cows , when he reached Loma de Santiago. When nightfall came, he stopped to rest and when he awoke, he discovered a large amount of molten silver behind the fire he lit. He left a rosary to mark the spot and ran to tell his employer. He and his employer then dug into the hill and began mining the Mina del Tajo. This stroke of luck led to the founding of a village full of culture, tradition, and history.


When visiting the Church of Our Lady of Rosario, you will notice a fine Baroque style; be surprised by its impressive gold-plated altar and know its history: The settlers of the area had to remove the gold-plated altar from its original place, stone by stone, due to the sinking caused by the tunnels underneath that were built for the mines. In 290 years of mining, more 43 miles of tunnels were built, which is why the town of El Rosario has more streets underground than on the surface.


Be surprised by the constructions made of stone, blazons and the sculptures of mourning angels behind the distinguished neo-Classical portal of the Old Spanish Pantheon, all of which remembrance the times of the mine's boom.
After, visit the museum of Lola Beltran, the famous singer and native of El Rosario, where you can admire her large collection of dresses and the monument that was built in her name.
In the middle of the village, you will find the small Iguanero Lagoon, swim in it or cross a hanging bridge to visit an island full of iguanas, turtles and ducks. Be pampered and savor the famous siete mares soup or an amigazo empapelado fish with shrimp, octopus and crab.



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