El Alazán y El Rosillo, Horse Racing in San Benito

Mocorito , Sinaloa

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In the memories of a generation of people from San Benito, the images of the famous race of Alazan and Rosillo were kept alive, which originated the famous song Los Caballos que Corren.


Imagine this scenario: the radiant sun, the clean and sandy lane, the riders concentrated on the finish line, the nervous horses, restless and sweaty, the bettors proclaiming the ties and the judges ready on the finish line; in it, a person is heard in a loud voice, «one, two, three, Santiago», and then the people shout «they have already come», «I hardly see him pass» or «the horses' hips showed the effort of that race».
The music bands suddenly stopped waiting for the result and the rumble to know the winner. After a while, screams, insults, fights, laughter, hugs, money changing pockets, then bursting the chords of the tuba and the trumpet, the deep sound of the drum and the click of the cymbals.
This was the story of the famous horse race made in 1923 in a town in the region of the municipality of Mocorito, famous for its horse racing; here you can see the largest concentrations of horses, riders and bettors in the region.


Attend the feasts during the last days of May and the first days of June. In these five or six days hundreds of people arrive to participate in the horse races. Live this environment where there are fun, bets and great passions, always accompanied by one or several good music bands, where you can eat, dance and have a great time.

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