Come learn from the Yoreme

El Fuerte , Sinaloa

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With strong Spanish roots and powerful pre-Columbian beliefs, Tehueco is a place you should visit. This is one of the seven ceremonial centers in the region. It is fed by the Rio Fuerte. 
If you walk around the place, you will see a charming Jesuit mission that will make you wonder how life was before. You will also see the Church of Dolores and the Miguel Angel Morales Ibarra Community Museum. They are all witnesses of the passage of time.
You will also find the Museo Comunitario, which is home to a wide variety of objects used by the Yoreme people, who were indigenous to the region. The majority of their people live in northern Sinaloa. During Holy Week, you will be able to admire the clothes and masks they use to worship anonymously, as well as listen to hypnotizing musical instruments.


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