Visit Real de Catorce mines

Real de Catorce , San Luis Potosí

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Esparta Palma

The exploitation of more than 50 mines led to the rise of Real de Catorce . At the beginning of the 19th century, Real de Catorce was the second largest silver producer in the world.
Explore its tunnels and extract the stories that tell its precious origin.

Learn About a Ghost Village

You will find one of the mines located in the Sierra de Catorce, about 4 kilometers from the main square and in the immediate vicinity of a former hacienda.
Admire the quartzes, crystals that seem to glow with violet shades. Walk among silver-streaked walls in a passage that leads to the center of the earth. 

The Socavon of the Purisima Concepcion

It is easy to identify thanks to a long red brick chimney. Explore the hacienda that surrounds the mine and the silver processing areas. Around the mine's exterior, you will see the walls that once belonged to the main house. As a coat of arms you can see a royal seal with the initials of the Virgin of the Purisima Concepcion. Enter and be amazed when you find veins of pyrite, quartz, copper, semi-precious stones that even today are raw materials for local artists.

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