Explore the Real de Catorce Cemetery

Real de Catorce , San Luis Potosí

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The Panteon de Guadalupe dates from 1775, without doubt is one of the oldest buildings in the region.

Marvel at the huge hill that is home to the back part of the complex. Once you have passed through the main arch, stroll along the long path divided by stone walls. 

Such an ancient place might feel overwhelming at first. On the earthy and limestone surface, you will find austere tombs, you will only see a tombstone on some of them. Others are guarded by elaborated ironwork. You will also find red brick tombstones shaped like plinths and small staircases that take you to the place where the remainings of the first inhabitants of Real de Catorce rest. 
Take note of the chapel dedicated to San Francisco and the church built in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Inside, under the pavement and the atrium, you will find the tombs of the most important residents of that time, including those who contributed to the growth and development of Real de Catorce.

In spite of the different restorations, you will be able to admire the murals with scenes of The Passion of Christ, as well as frescoes like the Souls of Purgatory, made in the early nineteenth century by the painter Francisco Borja. This is an encounter with the past that you should experience. 


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